Why choose us?

When shopping for your Outdoor TV Cover we know you have options a lot less expensive than a Custom Cool TV Cover but let me tell you the benefits of purchasing with us.

1. Hand Made here in San Diego for your TV and Mounting situation. If you think you have an odd set up please Call Tammy or email me your photos and questions so that I can ensure the best product is made for you! The more we know the better it can be made.

2. Material is a Heavy Marine Vinyl, not a Polyester/Nylon Dust Cover. 

3. You get to choose from 18 Colors to match your AWESOME backyard decor.

4. We can personalize your Cover even more by adding a Design like Palm Trees or a Golfer or possible a Team Logo. 100's of options for you look at. The Designs are also done with Marine Vinyl in your color choice. ***Not Ink Jetted or Embroidered*** which means the Design stays fresh looking and last as long as the Cover. 

5. The Team of Expert Semesters are the same crew who have been handcrafting Custom Cool TV Covers for 12+ years. Customer Service is Tammy who has been here the entire time assisting you to ensure the best Cover is made for you. 

6. Custom Cool TV Covers belongs to the Better Business Bureau with A+ Rating. 

7. Over 20,000 Covers hand crafted so we've seen it all. 

8. Technically I can't say how long your Cover will last because everyone has different situations for placement of their TV's. What I can say is 75% of you have your TV placed in a Lanai or under a Patio Roof were the TV is already protected from direct SUN and Weather-in this case my customers still have their Covers 8-10 years later. I have a customer here in San Diego, 1 Cover is lasting about 2 years but that TV is in direct SUN all day. The Cover that's under the Palapa is still holding up after 8 Years because it's only getting Sun a few hours a day.

 9. Ready to start working on your Measurement FORM? Go to Menu and be sure to do Step #1 Measurement Form  and Step #2 is pick colors and Pay.

You can forgo Step #2 and complete order with me by phone but please start by doing Step #1. 

I'd like to know if you've read this so please Use Code: USA  in the shopping cart or mention to me over the phone. 

You may get Voicemail which states to start by emailing me, but I will answer the phone if I'm in the office. Typically Monday -Thursday 8AM-3Pm Pacific.   

858-762-4620 sales@customcooltvcovers.com